Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Down Dog

 I arrived in the place under heavy snowfall. The Cliff Rock was heavily dusted, and the Standing Rocks were covered enough that they looked like they had big piles of snow on top. The tree was sticking out of the snow all around it; snow adorned every needle.

 Rock Standing was a somewhat treacherous activity, due to slipperiness of snow.

 A dog barked and approached, and became timid when I jumped down from the rocks. Its owners, embarrassed, tried to control it.

When I was back on the rocks, the dog timidly and ferociously approached, and became friendly when I acknowledged and petted it.

After the dog had gone, I echoed its presence with a Downward Dog stretch between the Standing Rocks. Got very cold hands.(How do dogs walk in the snow without their paws getting very very cold?)

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