Saturday, 19 November 2011

Snow Space Man

The addition of snow brings a whole new medium and a lot of potential to the Place. I decided, while standing on the Standing Rocks, to stand next to the CliffRock and press my body into the snow that adorns it.

1: I let myself fall back against the Cliffrock. In this position, I felt more like part of the landscape than at any other moment during this project. 

2: I stepped away from my imprint in the CliffRock, turned 180 degrees and buried my front in my imprint.

Result: a snowy face, and a well-formed detailed negative space relief depicting a bespectacled human standing in the snow. In a way that these photos cannot capture, there seemed to be a presence standing against the Cliffrock. For the first time I felt I have really made an impression on the Space/Place. 

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