Sunday, 20 November 2011

FaceSpace (hand)

Under an overcast sky, I arrived at the Place and noticed that the imprint I made yesterday is still quite clear. While stretching on the standing rocks, I considered what the next step might be. Since the standing rocks still have untouched snow on, I decided to bring the relief sculpting out from the cliffrock and adorn the snow-on-rock with a face.

A cold minute or two left the rock with a face in the snow, and me with a cold face.

I felt that a face needed a body, and this was provided by a handprint.

Yesterday's imprint works in a different way: the negative-space body seems present in the space. It does not seem to be something from or of the space.

Today's face with a handprint for a body creates a picture on a rock. I am more interested in imbuing the space with traces of my presence. Here's a proposal: can I imbue the space with my presence, bringing it to life with my traces in the snow? Perhaps this is what I have already been doing...

For a snowy rock to have a facial aspect appearing as from within it (rather than a caricature picture on it) would seem more appropriate to my cause of revealing/depicting the inner vitality of all things.

As ever, less is more.

If snow is watching you through invisible glasses, what is it thinking?

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